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Everything that is created comes from a collective.
INCEPTION demonstrates a reframing of the notion of creation and authorship in an exhibition where 111 of the world’s most remarkable architects have sequentially contributed artworks, each inspired by the preceding work. This experimental exhibit by Anna Bates, a founder of Make Make (NYC) will premiere in the Spring of 2023 in New York.


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What’s coming?

This time we emphasize the importance of low environmental impact of art and will present 111 works printed directly on sugar building blocks developed uniquelly for this exhibition. An immersive experience complimented with light and sound — all circling around the subject of inspiration.

A chain of collective works printed on sugar as a nod to the fragility of inspiration and ideas.
4 tonnes of sugar melted into 1111 building blocks that were developed during a lengthy experimental phase. After the exhibition, no waste is produced and sugar blocks will be effectively reused for other projects.


The Author

Anna Bates, a result-driven, space-making visionary is one of the pillars at Make Make, a design studio based in New York City with projects spanning from Eastern Europe and northernmost parts of Norway to the heart of the Apple. A belief in design not being the visual but also a sensual experience drives every project including the Inception Exhibition.

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Read about Inception exhibition, of how it came to be, the process, the exhibition concept and in depth view into findings about the subject of inspiration.

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